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What is the Horse Genome Workshop?




The Horse Genome Workshop is a cooperative international effort by more than 100 scientists from 25 countries to define the genome of the domestic horse. With this knowledge, scientists can begin to understand the genetic aspects of equine physiology and disease. Genetic tools have the potential to help researchers find new therapies and treatments for diseases such as laminitis, respiratory diseases, and infectious diseases as well as new approaches to solve problems not addressed with our earlier technologies.

The accompanying pages identify the scientists conducting research on equine genetics and genomics, their activities and their workshop reports. The workshop began in 1995 and is supported by funds from the United States Department of Agriculture National Sponsored Project-8 and by the Dorothy Russell Havemeyer Foundation.  Research discoveries at individual institutions have been supported by the agencies listed under the "Funding Agencies" tab.  



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Thanks on behalf of participants in the Horse Genome Workshop

Ernie Bailey, University of Kentucky

Samantha Brooks, University of Florida

Molly McCue, University of Minnesota